Chronology of Our Grand Marshal's

Past Grand Marshal of the Atlantic City Saint Patrick's Day Parade
  1987  Tom Kelly  
  1988 Al McMahon  
  1989 John Mooney Jr.  
  1990 Manus McGettigan  
  1991 James Whelan  
  1992  Sen. William Gormley  
  1993 Tom Carver  
  1994  Pat Dodd  
  1995 Bob McGuire  
  1996 James McGettigan  
  1997 Mark Juliano  
  1998 Al Troiano  
  1999 Sonny McCullough  
  2000 Thomas McDonough  
  2001 Patricia McNamara McCullough  
  2002 Mike Garvin  
  2003 Jack Bradley  
  2004 Frank Finnerty  
  2005 Nancy Brennan  
  2006 Msgr. Hodge  
  2007 Harry McGarrigel  
  2008 Buddy McCabe  
  2009 Dennis Levinson  
  2010 Tim Kelly  
  2011 Cathy Burke  
  2012 Chris Brown  
  2013 John Mooney III  
  2014  Frank Ferry and Thomas Patrick Flynn
  2015 William and Michael McMenamin
  2016 PJ McGettigan and Thomas McMeekin Sr.
  2017 Mayor Don Guardian
  2018 Sharon Essl and Joe Crilley
  2019 John Mistler and Norman Wilson

Facts and quotes

" St. Patrick was a fifth-century English (or perhaps Scottish) missionary to Ireland. Scholars agree he is a historical figure and that he converted many of the pagans on the island to Christianity, but dismiss most of the legend that has developed about him over the centuries "